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120-month Loan [10 years] – Very Low Interest Rates

First of all, a long term also means a lower repayment installment in the installment. The lower the eradication, the lower the monthly burden. This can be beneficial in two ways. The loan amount is so high that the borrower could not serve a shorter term. More exposition at

This case can occur, for example, if the house major renovations are pending and the bank offers a so-called home loan. This is earmarked real estate owners available, without that therefore a mortgage must be entered. The interest rate level ranges between classic real estate financing and installment credit.

Cars are today, unless it is not used diesel vehicles, also no bargain. Even a mid-range vehicle with sophisticated equipment can easily cost 40,000 euros or 50,000 euros. Due to the long life of the vehicles, ten years of use are not uncommon and would be congruent with the repayment term.

Another case may be that the interest rates are so low that even the extra expense caused by the longer term does not hurt, but there is enough financial leeway in the household budget.

Running times comparison

Here is a comparison with different terms:

120 months running time 84 months running time
The required regular rate is: Euro (monthly) 482.8 The required regular rate is: Euro (monthly) 586.48
Total interest and fees: Euro 7936.45 Total interest and fees: Euro 6,301.95
Total expenses: Euro 57936.45 Total expenses: Euro 56301.95
Effective annual interest rate: % pa 3,042 Effective annual interest rate: % pa 3,042

The difference per month amounts to € 103.68 to the detriment of the shorter term. The additional expense of interest, converted to the month, amounts to only 13.62 euros. In other words, despite the increase in interest expense, the longer maturity relieves the monthly budget by 90.06 euros – a point that argues in favor of the longer fixed interest rate if household disposable income is more important than the increase in interest rates.

What are the disadvantages of the long interest rate fixation?

What are the disadvantages of the long interest rate fixation?

In a low-interest phase, there are actually no disadvantages. But if you take out a loan with 120 months maturity in a high-yielding phase, you will be annoyed if the interest yields during the repayment phase. He will probably think about rescheduling. The consequences of premature repayment are described in the following section.

What should be considered when concluding a loan with a term of 120 months?

What should be considered when concluding a loan with a term of 120 months?


Interest is not everything with a loan. Sometimes the conditions are a more important aspect.

Ten years is a long time, nobody can predict how his financial situation will develop at this stage.

Ideally, the borrower will unexpectedly get paid and could replace his or her loan early or early. In this case, it would be desirable if the bank accepts early redemption without prepayment penalty. If this is not the case, the institutions charge one percent on the outstanding debt repaid over a period of more than one year. With a term of less than twelve months, the transfer costs are still 0.5 percent.

Less enjoyable would be if the borrower gets into a financial predicament. There are certainly institutions that allow their customers informally one or two installment breaks a year. Especially families with small children like to use this option in the pre-Christmas period. If the option is for two installment pauses a year, at least three installments must have been paid in between.

What special features are there?

What special features are there?

A loan with a term of 120 months is basically no different from a loan with a maturity of 48 or 60 months in terms of creditworthiness requirements and the application process.

The ever-changing application modalities are also effective for a term of 120 months. More and more banks are banking on a digital application process. This ideally includes the VideoIdent procedure from home instead of the PostIdent procedure. The Applicant may allow the Bank one-time access to its checking account during the application process. This saves him from having to photocopy salary statements and account statements and send them to the bank. Finally, the electronic signature is becoming more and more prevalent. This eliminates the printing of the application and also the postal consignment.

The digital loan application offers on the one hand significantly more comfort, on the other hand it speeds up the payment of the desired amount of money considerably.

Online credit comparison 120 months – conclusion

Online credit comparison 120 months - conclusion

A loan with a term of 120 months offers advantages, provided that premature full or partial repayment without a prepayment penalty is part of the loan agreement.

How Important is the Credit History in the Case of Loans and Cash Loans


You’ve probably come across an offer where a loan company will not require you to get any income certificates and declare that it will not check your data in the Credit Information Bureau. Does this mean that they are not completely interested in your financial situation? Maybe, however, the loan companies have other ways to check whether you will be able to pay? See for a write-up

Rigorous conditions at banks

are there quick loans?

When applying for a cash loan at the bank, we are counting on the fact that we must absolutely meet some basic conditions. First of all, banks require us to have adequate creditworthiness. Another issue to be met, of course, is having a positive credit history. All bank branches are obliged to check all their potential clients in the Credit Information Bureau.
This is the most common reason why many people decide to borrow money from companies offering their products in the non-banking sector. They are simply afraid that they are not able to meet all the conditions set by the bank? Can we really expect that the company will not check our credit history in any way?

It turns out, however, that this aspect is really different. We should start with the fact that practically all loan companies check our data in the debtors’ registers. Indeed, it does not necessarily have to be an Economic Information Bureau. But you also need to be aware that there are also other debtors’ registers. These include, among others, the Economic Information Bureau or the National Register of Debtors.

Therefore, for some companies, in fact loans without BIK are a mere advertising trick. Because anyway, our data will be checked in the above-mentioned registers of debtors. However, a separate issue is whether this issue will have any impact on the receipt of the loan.

Here, loan companies operate according to their own arrangements. Of course, they must follow the provisions of the Act on non-bank loans. But even if a person is distinguished by a negative credit history, in many websites, he still has a good chance of receiving this loan. In such circumstances, the Lender either checks the creditworthiness of his client or risks and grants him a loan for a previously submitted statement.

If you belong to people who urgently need cash, but at the same time you have a negative entry in the debtors’ registers, it is necessary to answer the question whether you will actually manage to repay the new liability. It may turn out that a negative story results only from previous negligence or missing the repayment date. But if you have financial problems all the time, unfortunately you can make your situation even worse. It is better not to take out a loan, if it is likely that you will not be able to pay it too. Because the costs of late payment in the case of non-bank loans are really high.

Consolidation Loan – is it Worth it? Is Consolidation Profitable?

Consolidation loan – is it worth it? When consolidation loan pays off? Is always consolidation a good choice? What loans can you consolidate? How banks settle early repayments and what to keep in mind. Today, we will try to provide you with the necessary information to make the right decision regarding the consolidation loan.

Let’s start from the beginning…… what is a consolidation loan and who can apply for such a loan?

A consolidation loan is an ordinary cash loan with the purpose of repaying other loans. The conditions for obtaining a consolidation loan are exactly the same as for cash loans. The applicant must present a work certificate on the income received and have a good credit history – the bank assesses the creditworthiness of the client and verifies the Retrodatabase and BIG databases. If the bank’s decision is positive, it remains only to sign a contract. The bank usually does not require any securities or guarantors, and the loan can be spread even for 12 years.

Consolidation loan – is it worth it? so what will we gain thanks to consolidation?

Consolidation loan - is it worth it? so what will we gain thanks to consolidation?

FACT 1: A consolidation loan for the repayment of other liabilities such as loans, credit cards, account limit is an ideal solution for every person who has a problem with the timely repayment of their obligations. Thanks to consolidation, instead of, for example, five installments a month, we pay only one installment, which is significantly lower – thanks to which many people can regain financial liquidity in this way.

FACT 2: A consolidation loan allows you to reduce the installment by as much as half – how is this possible? Mainly by extending the repayment period. Consolidation loans offered by most banks are available for up to 12 years. By extending the repayment period you can get a much lower installment.

FACT 3: A consolidation loan is cheaper than a regular cash loan and this is because the larger the loan amount, the better the loan conditions. Most banks offer a lower interest rate on a loan that exceeds a certain amount, as a rule, a ceiling of approximately PLN 40,000. Thus, if we combine several smaller loans into one larger one, we will obtain preferential loan terms, in other words a lower interest rate on the loan during the entire duration of the contract.

FACT 4: One credit insurance instead of a few also allows you to minimize costs and due to the early repayment of loans, which we consolidate, we must refund part of the insurance for the “unused period”.

FACT 5: A consolidation loan is definitely cheaper than credit cards and renewable limits.

FACT 6: Taking a consolidation loan, we can apply for additional cash for any purpose.

FACT 7: Thanks to the consolidation of loans and lowering the installment, we gain a greater creditworthiness, so we have a chance to get an additional amount of cash at any time.

Consolidation loan – is it worth it? summary – is a consolidation loan always worth it?

Consolidation loan - is it worth it? summary - is a consolidation loan always worth it?

In most cases, when we have several loans, converting them into a consolidation loan will be profitable. Even if we do not want to extend the duration of the contract, we will be able to get a lower installment by lowering the interest rate or refunds from the loan repayment insurance. In addition, if someone needs cash, it probably will not be a problem.

Consolidation loan – a loan offer at Credit Bank

Consolidation loan - a loan offer at Credit Bank

The consolidation loan in Credit Bank is a transparent policy and the certainty of obtaining the best offer from among all banks available on the market. Our advisers provide expert knowledge and experience. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Cash Loan in 4 Hours

The World Wide Web makes everyday life many people around the world many times easier. This fact also has an unrestricted existence for the free banking industry. Thus, for example, many different loan offers over the Internet of any kind with each other comfortably from home compare. Against this background, more and more companies are offering their products and services via the Internet. Even with a cash advance in 4 hours, the prospective customers come across a rich and above all purposeful offer, which serves not only the actual purpose, but also can bring a substantial saving with itself.

The cash advance in 4 hours in detail


Purely “technically”, processing times of four hours are simply not possible. Exceptions are loans that have already been checked in advance and negotiated with a bank. Consumers who receive a positive cash advance guarantee in 4 hours should consider this as a preliminary endorsement. On the part of the bank, such an offer is by no means binding or even legally binding.

The reason for this circumstance is the fact that the bank wants to win over as many customers as possible in as short a time as possible. Decisive for this philosophy is that customers make a cash advance in 4 hours the truth appropriate information and the application seriously. In particular, existing income and current financial obligations should under no circumstances be praised or even misrepresented by claimants for a cash advance in 4 hours. Only when all documents have been submitted to a bank without any exceptions are the legal validity of the cash credit effective. Violations lead at least to repayment claims on the part of the bank.

There are hardly any differences in the process

There are hardly any differences in the process

Basically, the process for applying for credit in the online business as well as in the bank branch hardly deviates from each other. Anyone who personally presents to their house bank for a cash advance in four hours often enjoys faster processing of the application. The prerequisite for this is that the potential borrower can provide all necessary documents to the bank advisor.

With the loan from the Internet the communication takes place via the postal way, whereby it can come to the borrower to substantial delays of two to three days. Afterwards, the completed papers must be sent back to the bank, which will take another one to two days. Another day passes for the review of the documents for the cash advance in four hours, which of course must be complete.

Borrowers should also include weekends and holidays in their considerations and calculations. The receipt of the desired capital takes much longer. Experience has shown that the so-called cash advance is paid to the applicant in four hours within one to two calendar weeks. Banks define such a payout period as “swift”.

Do not neglect checking the conditions

Do not neglect checking the conditions

Even if the prospective customers of a cash loan urgently need the money, they should exercise patience and closely examine the conditions offered, so as not to incur unnecessary additional costs. In the face of fierce competition in the financial market, consumers can save a lot and still put the project into action. Anyone who is unsure on some issues, should be informed on one or the other credit portal. By doing so, ambiguities are spared. These can be especially helpful when it comes to the selection of individually tailored loan offerings.

What is a Bad Credit History and How to Get a Loan With it

In order to spoil your Dona Monday history, a borrower needs only a few times to delay payment on a loan. After this, the name of the defaulter enters the system of Dona Monday history bureaus (BCH), to which not one, but almost all banks and financial organizations have access. In fact, it is not so difficult to restore the borrower’s reputation with Dona Monday institutions. To do this, you need to find an institution that will give you a loan with a bad Dona Monday history in your area. has more details

There are such banks, but among them there are those in which even bad debtors can get a loan with a bad Dona Monday history without collateral. As a rule, banks in these cases are insured as follows. Before they receive a positive decision on the issuance of funds, they require a guarantee from the citizens or first give out a small amount ( micro-loan ) with a limited return period. It is very convenient that a loan with a small amount can only be issued on a passport without the need to involve guarantors.

What happens after processing a small amount on Dona Monday?

What happens after processing a small amount on Dona Monday?

If the client does not have problems with the terms of repayment of the loan, then the loan limit gradually increases. The longer a person uses a bank service without delay, the higher the loan limit may be.

How not to fall into the hands of scammers?

How not to fall into the hands of scammers?

All companies that offer you to “clean up” or change the data on a bad Dona Monday history, in fact, do so without any reason and are scammers. There is no other way to restore your reputation, except to take a loan or a Dona Monday card with a bad Dona Monday history, and no longer allow the loan payments to pass.

Why restore the history of loans?

Why restore the history of loans?

No one can definitely say that tomorrow he will not need borrowed funds, even if today there is enough money. Therefore, the problem with the Dona Monday history is best corrected – just in case. Usually, data on payment delays and loan debts have been relevant in the general banking database for 15 years.

If payment delays were more than a decade ago, almost any bank will issue borrowed money without problems. When applying for a loan or Dona Monday cards, it is better to deal with such bank branches.

Apply for a new loan or Dona Monday card in the presence of unpaid debt?

Apply for a new loan or Dona Monday card in the presence of unpaid debt?

If the client has outstanding and overdue loans at the moment, it will be problematic to issue a new loan on the same day, no matter what bank he applied to.

It is easier to repay one loan on a loan because it has one term of payment and a payable amount for a monthly payment. It is several loans at the same time that often cause missed payments. Having Dona Mondayed and closed several current loan loans, you will quickly pay off your debts. To get all the necessary information about the loan programs, leave an online application for an urgent loan or Dona Monday card on our website, and we will call you back!

Fast Loan Payment – Favorable Installment Credit in 24 Hours

A quick loan payment is required if funds are urgently needed. Loan seekers then have several options. see for more notes

For example, a loan can be requested from a local bank or from one of the many online banks on the Internet. Loan seekers can do quite a bit for a quick loan payment.

Quick read – in keywords

  • Fast loan payment is important to many applicants
  • Nevertheless, many promises have little to do with the reality of faster lending
  • Check immediately which fast loan suits you
  • Make your application without obligation, maybe the software can even offer you a credit in 24 hours

Fast loan payment – often cherished loan request

Fast loan payment - often cherished loan request

Fast loan payment – favorable installment loan

The speed of today’s loans is not witchcraft at all. This is made possible by the automated test procedures.

On the basis of the data entered in the credit application, it is immediately checked whether a loan can be concluded or not. The customer receives a preliminary credit decision within a few minutes.

However, credit seekers must have a good credit rating for this. That means a sufficient income and above all a clean Private credit.

If only one of these characteristics is missing, the credit will not be approved, at least not with the automatic test procedure. Here then the individual case must decide.

If the necessary documents such as proof of income and bank statements are sent to the lender before noon, there is a possibility that the fast loan payment will appear in the account within two to three days.

Fast loan payment – really fast credit

Fast loan payment - really fast credit

If there is a short-term need for funds, the credit line could be an option for banks to provide their customers. The disposition credit – Dispo – is made available to customers who have regular income.

The amount of this loan is given as three net incomes. So if the customer earns 1500 euros net, he could get a dispoof over 4500 euros.

But even a short limiter increase could provide for a quick loan payment. The customer can instantly dispose of it, whether at the counter or at the ATM.

However, this loan is the most expensive. Not infrequently, customers pay up to 17% of the overdraft interest for the overdrawn dispo.

Nevertheless, in order to bridge a financial shortage in the short term, the MRP can still be a good solution. For example, if a loan application was made and the money has not yet been instructed.

Then in the meantime, open invoices could be paid with the dispatching. The incoming credit then replaces the MRP.

Fast loan payment – branch bank

Fast loan payment - branch bank

If you are looking for a loan, you should first make a credit comparison. This shows not only the interest rate and the installment amount, but also which provider has a local branch.

Here you could call the CamiBank or you bankate. The customer selects the cheapest provider on site with the credit comparison, makes his loan application and then prints the documents after the preliminary credit decision.

Instead of going to the post office to do the post-ID procedure, the customer goes to the lender’s office near him. There, the necessary ID check is made.

The documents are then submitted and processed immediately. Customers can expect a payout within three days.

Fast loan payment – take credit immediately

Fast loan payment - take credit immediately

That too is possible, apply for the loan and take the loan immediately. The customer arranges an appointment with the bank on the spot.

At the same time he asks which documents are needed for the loan. At the appointment, the employee of the bank will check the documents for completeness.

Mostly pay slips and account statements, a copy of the employment contract or the pension notice are needed. Then the Private credit is queried.

If this does not show any special features, the loan application is filled out together with the customer. Immediately, the customer can then take his money in cash or have the loan amount transferred to his account.

However, customers should be careful, because it is precisely with these fast loans that banks often offer credit protection. These are residual debt insurance that can make a loan much more expensive.

The contributions are added to the loan amount and the customer pays interest. If it is somehow, should be waived on such an insurance.

Quick Loan, Express Credit, Lightning Credit – What’s Next?

Quick Loan, Express Credit, Lightning Credit - What

These credit names find customers on the Internet. They are to suggest to the customer that this is a loan that is approved and paid out very quickly.

However, the loan seeker should know that a loan approval is subject to certain conditions. For example, the contract documents still have to be sent by post to most providers.

Swiss Post must comply with the post-mandatory procedure prescribed by law. Thus, the post is a crucial time factor, but can be influenced by the customer.

So he should ensure that the documents are completely put together, everything is filled truthfully and completely. Any request for documentation delays the fast lending decision.

The documents that are required ultimately depend on the loan amount. With small amounts of money, there are providers who do without a proof of income.

A faster processing time than two bank working days is hardly possible in terms of technology. If the customer is an existing customer, no new identification procedure is necessary.

Pericredit with lightning transfer

Sofortkredit with lightning transfer

The immediate loan with lightning transfer offers especially fast credit requirements. Also, this provider should be sought with a credit comparison.

If the loan is approved, the loan can be paid out quickly with a flash transfer. Customers have to pay 10 euros extra.

However, the recipient bank is obliged to transfer the money to the customer’s account on the same day.

Fast loan payment with bad Private credit

Fast loan payment with bad Private credit

The automated test methods that promise a fast online credit, but have no validity if the Private credit is encumbered. One of the most important features of a credit check is the Private credit query.

If there are negative entries, this indicates that the lender has an increased credit default. Many German banks will no longer grant credit.

Now, credit seekers have two options. One of them is the mention of a guarantor.

This must be solvent and be able to pay the resulting installments in an emergency. The bank must inform the guarantor accordingly.

But not always there is a guarantor. Then there is the possibility to apply for a Private credit-free loan.

Mostly, the processing is done through credit agencies. Here it must be ensured that no pre-payments are paid and no insurance contracts are signed.

The Private creditfreie credit comes in the meantime from a bank from Liechtenstein.

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